• Increases Credibility
  • Improves Career Opportunities
  • Prepares for Greater Responsibility
  • Develops Skills & Knowledge
  • Yields Greater Earning Potential
  • Demonstrates Commitment
  • Enhances Professional Image
  • Reflects Achievement
  • Enriches Self Esteem
  • Fosters Peer Recognition

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More than 100 grant professionals have prepared for their Grant Professionals Certification exams using the Study Guide & Annotated Bibliography: Support for the Grant Professional Certification Examination. Listen to 5 co-authors describe their experiences in creating the Study Guide and in passing the exam.

What you’ll learn …

  • How they all passed … a 100% pass rate
  • Their motives behind taking the exam
  • What GPCI and the GPCI exam are
  • How has passing the exam made a difference in the authors lives
  • How GPCI certification is different from other grant writing certifications
  • Scholarships, employer reimbursement & creative ways to finance your exam
  • History behind the Study Guide
  • Top 3 questions people ask about the Study Guide
  • Top areas of the exam which you should focus on
  • How to save money getting reference books
  • Top test-taking strategies (multiple choice & writing)
  • Top tips for getting started in grant writing
  • A surprise announcement!

Special Guests: Christine Heft, Shelia McCann, Jodi Pearl, Susan Webster and Amy Whitlock … Co-Authors of the Study Guide

Host: Phil Johncock, The Grant Professor


  • GPC Exam Prep Course Online – click here
  • Purchase the Study Guideclick here
  • Check out exam eligibility criteria and important info from the Grant Professionals Certification Institute – click here
  • Donate to GPCI exam scholarship fund – click here
  • Apply for GPCI exam scholarship – click here
  • Check out the Broward County FL Chapter of AAGP – click here
  • Check out the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP) (newly named “Grant Professionals Association”) – click here
  • Find the Foundation Center’s Cooperating Collection (FREE books and resources) in your area – click here

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